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Personalization of the tire trade

Which tire suits me?

Everyone has their own requirements when it comes to choosing car tires. In the search for the right model, the tire trade offers many options for a personalized selection. But what criteria determine the choice of tires? And how can the range be further individualized?

Everyone has their own requirements when it comes to choosing car tires. © David Hinkle at unsplash

Individual demands on car tires (Image: David Hinkle at unsplash)

The car as an expression of personality

The decision for a particular vehicle is determined by many factors. It is not only functionality, safety and cost that are important when buying a car. Psychological and emotional aspects also play a role. After all, a car is not just a means of transportation, but also a status symbol and an expression of one's own personality.

Focus on functional aspects

According to the British comparison portal Scrap Car, you can even deduce the intelligence of the driver from the car model. Certain analogies between personality and vehicle cannot be dismissed.

But what about the decision for a particular tire? Naturally, the choice here depends very much on the car in question. So it's less about emotions and more about aspects such as performance and safety - even if tires are a very appealing product in terms of feel.

The criteria for tire selection are diverse (Image: Thibaut Santy at unsplash)

The criteria for tire selection are diverse. © Thibaut Santy at unsplash

Criteria for tire selection

When choosing new tires, the first decisive factor is which model technically suits the car. Sedan, electric car, SUV or sports car: the tires are matched to the respective vehicle model. It also plays a role whether tires are purchased for summer, winter or all year round. Then issues such as performance benefits and driving safety are decisive purchasing factors. According to a survey conducted by the Forsa Institute with Continental last year, 96 percent of tire buyers in Germany consider safety to be important or very important. Last but not least, the tires should suit their own driving style - some prefer to drive carefully, others more sportily.

The right tire with just a few clicks

Consumers can find information about tires both in the digital and analogue space. Retailers with showrooms, online stores and consumption and comparison portals offer a comprehensive overview for choosing the right tires. Models, brands and prices can be compared online with just a few clicks using your own car. The right solution for the vehicle in question is configured automatically. Above all, on-site advice, but also online reviews from other users and test reports in specialist magazines help with the purchase decision.

The tire trade today offers a variety of new models (Image: Continental AG)

The tire trade today offers a variety of new models for different requirements. © Continental AG

Individual customer expectations

In addition to functional and technical considerations, psychological aspects also come into play when buying tires. This is suggested, among other things, by a recently published study by US analyst J.D. Power. According to this study, drivers of electric cars have similar expectations regarding tire wear as owners of gas-powered cars. As tires on electric cars wear out more quickly due to their higher weight and torque, this leads to greater dissatisfaction among customers.

Personalized sales strategies

Which tire suits me? Today's customer expectations and the choice of different vehicle types mean new requirements for the tire trade. More than ever, it is important to recognize and anticipate the individual needs of consumers at an early stage. The product range and marketing must be adapted to specific customer wishes in order to achieve increasing individualization. This can be achieved through improved data analysis and personalized sales strategies. In this way, the tire industry can meet expectations and preferences in an increasingly needs-oriented manner.

New opportunities and potential

THE TIRE COLOGNE 2024 will shed light on how the tire trade can be further individualized. The diverse supporting program of the leading international trade fair will deal with current industry topics. These will include highly personalized marketing in the tire replacement business and customer behaviour. Experts from retail and industry will also discuss the potential of digital tools and artificial intelligence to change the tire trade. It will be interesting to see what new opportunities the future holds for choosing the right tires.


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