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FUTURE TIRE CONFERENCE 2017: A Glance at the Future of the Tire Industry

27 Apr 2017

Future Tire Conference 2017

The tire industry is constantly evolving. The future success of market players will still depend on their capability to streamline their efficiency, quality, and safety. To focus future requirements now, industry leaders and decision-makers will get together in Cologne in order to discuss and analyse technology and market developments that are shaping the future of the tire industry.

The key focus lies on advances in tire-plant automation, the impact of connected smart cars on tire design, the implementation of smart supply chain and logistics solutions, and real-time data analytics for the creation of more efficient life cycle production. At the conference, a number of renowned experts will hold a presentation on interesting topics. Among them: Hans Martin Monyer (Head of Automation, HF MIXING GROUP): “Mixing Room Automation 4.0”, Andreas Hoell (Technical Industry Manager, SICK AG): “Track and Trace“, Shibu George (Head-Project (Electrical ), Apollo Tyres Ltd): “Automation: The era of innovation in smart factory manufacturing“

Conference attendees will therefore gain an extensive insight into the future of the tire industry. In order to be up to date with latest developments, they will learn more on alternative components and sustainability, meet industry experts and extend their professional network.