Cologne: 04.–06.06.2024 #thetirecologne

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TIRE Fleet forum | TIRE Stage hall 6

TIRE STAGE: Fleet Forum

How tires contribute to the sustainability of utility vehicle fleets

Following the successful start of TIRE Cologne in 2018 and the TIRE Fleet Lounge in 2019, the ETM publishing house will once again focus a three-hour stage programme in 2022 on utility vehicle tires.

In the context of the TIRE Fleet Forum dialogue and lecture forum, the tire manufacturers Continental, Goodyear and Michelin, supported by practitioners, will present current developments from the fields of digitalisation and sustainability. In the process, themes like mileage and rolling friction will also be part of the discussion, as will retreading.

The ETM publishing house will be supported at the TIRE Fleet Forum 2022 by Christian Koch, tire specialist with the expert organisation DEKRA.

For commercial vehicle fleets, the tyre is not only a decisive safety factor. In terms of total cost of ownership, a tyre with optimised rolling resistance is an operating resource that can significantly reduce fuel consumption for truck and bus fleets. This not only reduces the fixed costs of a transport service provider, but is also good for the environment. Because less fuel consumption means less CO2 emissions.

Retreading from Goodyear

The retreading of commercial vehicle tires is practised sustainability and, according to Goodyear, is lived practice for many German hauliers. After all, sustainability begins with the responsible use of scarce resources. The role that professional retreading can play in this was shown in the presentation by Klaus Delatron, Manager Truck Fleet Operations D-A-CH at the tire manufacturer Goodyear. The fleet professional was supported in his presentation by Bernd Reining, Fleet Manager of the transport company Duvenbeck Logistics, who reported from practice on the advantages of retreading for internationally operating transport companies.

Michelin with tires for e-vehicles

Electromobility is also becoming an increasingly important topic for transport companies.

Above all, public transport operators are required to convert their city bus fleets to an electrified drive concept. The tyre manufacturer Michelin has reacted and, with the Michelin X Incity EV Z, has had a tyre specifically for e-buses in its range since mid-2021. But what role does the tyre play in the successive mobility change? Can the commercial vehicle tyre make its contribution to extending the limited ranges of e-buses?

Answers to these questions were provided by Markus Bast, Managing Director D-A-C-H at Michelin, who delivered exciting insights in his presentation at the TIRE Stage.

Continental relies on Big Data

The digitalisation of tyres is also becoming increasingly relevant for large commercial vehicle fleets. In order to keep a better eye on tire pressure, tread depths, change and retreading dates of a fleet, Continental's tire management platform has reached another evolutionary stage.

With Conti Connect 2.0, Continental offers not only continuous tyre inflation pressure monitoring but also the possibility to digitally monitor the mileage, tread depth and condition of all tires in the fleet. Anton Werner, Key Account Manager at Continental Digital Solutions, explained the role played by "Big Data" and the advantages it brings for transport companies.