Cologne 09.–12.06.2020 #TTC2020

Future Tire Conference 2020

Future Tire Conference in Cologne

From factory to freeway, digitalisation is driving fundamental changes at companies throughout the tire industry supply-chain as well as the customers and markets they serve.

The ERJ Future Tire Conference 2020 will explore how tire makers, distributors and retailers and their suppliers of materials, equipment and technology are adapting to the challenges and opportunities of the digitial era. This will include spotlighting successful strategies and actions being adopted by major companies and suppliers in transitioning their businesses and markets to the IT-based manufacture, supply and retail of tires.

Future Tire 2020, therefore, aims to advance the tire industry’s understanding of automated handling & tracking, internet selling, tires-as-a-service and blockchain as well as of enabling technologies such as AI, IIoT, Industry 4.0 and Industrial 5G.

Presentations will focus particularly be on steps being taken by leading players to harness the power of data across all stages: from production, testing and handling to distribution & retail and ultimately what happens after the rubber hits the road.

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